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Create a Healthier Lifestyle

Are you ready to set goals & achieve them?

Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Issa Certified Personal Trainer, and Group Training Instructor

Zipporah Rutledge is available to help you achieve your next nutrition or fitness goal!

Specializing in Nutrition Mentorship, team up with one of the most passionate Coaches in New Jersey and learn how to truly create & maintain a healthier lifestyle that matches you today!



Healthy Lifestyle E-Book Available

Learn how to create better habits long-term

All of our Nutrtion Coaching/Personal Training Programs are taught in a virtual training environment online with LIVE workout classes available during the week already included to ge you moving.


Learn how to nourish your body at the highest level that fits your lifestyle and satisfys your cravings. Elevate your fitness knowledge by following a customized workout program, taylored to your current fitness level, and become the best version of yourself physically.


All our Personal Training Programs can be followed at home or in the gym, while being guided every rep of the session. Feel confident throughout your journey with the support & accountability of Coach Zipporah and finally break all the habits that have been holding you back from achieving your goals.

Pop Up Classes

No events at the moment

Xtreme Hip Hop

with Zipporah

Tuesday Nights


Wednesday Mornings


Beginner Level | Step Included

BYOB if you desire <3

Location: ChargedUp Studio

1307  Woodlane Road, Mt Holly, NJ 08060

Monthly Class Packages

Do you LOVE stepping with Zipporah throughout the month?

Gain access to more savings & FREE classes by purchasing your monthly classes ahead of the game. All weekly classes are $15.00 Drop in with step & water included.

  • 5-Class Pack

  • 7-Class Pack

  • Unlimited Stepper Pack

Eat Clean Train Krazy Unlimited

Enjoy UNLIMITED Krazy Kamp, Xtreme Hip Hop, Kettlebell Krazy, and Step It Up classes monthly!

BEST PACKAGE!! Get the most savings for all classes.


Step It Up
With Zipporah

Friday Nights
All Fitness Levels Welcomed

Location: ChargedUp Studio
1307  Woodlane Road, Mt Holly, NJ 08060

Lets Step Things Up A Knotch!!

Step it Up with Zipporah is a HIIT Cardio class where we use lite weights, resistance bands, and pure power to perform a complete total body workout & cardio session at once! All basic call outs from traditional step class will be fair game plus special combos are taught to keep our heart rate up between the weights. Push yourself to the next level every single Friday night by picking your desired choice of equipment (Included with class) & prepare for the best sweat of your week!

Client Testimonials

Join Our Online ZipFit Family
Online Weely Classes

Enjoy the high energy from the comfort of your home!

Drop in or become a member of our online workout community where you can attend both

Xtreme Hip Hop Step w/ Zip & Step It Up HIIT Cardio Class. No matter where you starting in your fitness journey, all workouts have modifications available and can be taught LIVE during your group session.

Feel free to ask questions throughout the class & always bring your best self!

Xtreme Hip Hop With Zipporah
Cardio Training Class

Join our Complete Beginner Level Cardio Class and learn how to step like a solider! Follow the lead of Zipporah to various carido callouts to your favorite songs! All movements are broken down during class for proper performance & caloire burn. Forget the treadmill, and start stepping!

Complete Beginner Level

BeB=Tuesday Nights


Wednesday Morning


Step It Up With Zipporah
​Muscle Toning &
Endurance Class

Step It Up with Zipporah is a combination of step aerobics and lite weight power exercise movements. Together, you will experience to perfect balance between cardio and strength training. Grab your dumbbells, resistance bands , PLUS the step and get ready for the best sweat of your week!

All Fitness Levels Welcomed

Modifications Available Upon Request **

Friday Nights


Rebuild & Restore With Zipporah
Stretching &
Flexibity Training

Recover at the end of the week with a beginner level essential stretch routine. Start your flexibility journey with proper workout recover habits. Grab a comfy spot on the floor in your home and lets reset for the new week together plus setup new goals.


Saturday Mornings 

10:00-11:00am EST

(Virtual Only)


Get to know me more...

Zipporah R | The Queen of Accountability

I decided in 2015 that I was going to start truly investing in myself and my health. After almost two years of running around the gym like a chicken with my head chopped off, walking in with no plan or nutrition to support my goals, I wised up and got a coach who knew what she was talking about. God bless her because she taught me the importance of understanding how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I learned how to create a meal plan that fit my lifestyle and she modified my workout plan to keep me leveling up in the gym safely.

​Today, I share my passion for maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle with others. I teach single adults, teens, and families how to create goals , get on the right road to achieving them, and making it to their successful destination.

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