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Common Questions Before Registration.

Do I need a step to start classes?

Absolutely not! You can grab some duck tape and place a line on the ground that is about 43 inches long. That is the length of a full size step board and your instructor Zipporah will guide you through the rest.

I can't dance, is this like a Hip-Hop Dance Class?

Not at all! Xtreme Hip-Hip Step classes are a unique combination of different songs, tempos, traditional step moves, and the Xtreme way of call outs. This form of cardio can be picked up by anyone because you are guided through the entire class with an instructor. With consistency, you will remember the moves and the tempos to many songs to come.

Do I need to be on a strict diet during your Health and Wellness program?

Far from it, instead I am going to teach you how to eat and teach you how to make realistic lifestyle changes . The first 30 days of the program will be focused on making small healthy changes and ending old habits. The next 60 days will focus on maintaining consistency in those new habits so they transform into patterns.

Do you offer meal replacements, protein shakes, or detoxes? 

Yes! I personally use an amazing organic supplement company I would love to share with you. Fill out the contact form letting me know your interest and we can set up a free zoom call! We will go over your goals and see if we can help even more!

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