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Enjoy unlimited all online recorded Xtreme Hip-Hop with Zipporah Step classes, Total Body Strength Training and Meal Prep Tutorials  starting at only

$14.99 per month!

ZipFitFamily Patron

All Step classes are now available for streaming via Patreon. Enjoy monthly acces to our zoom classroom when the timing is best for you! Depending on your fitness goal, select a monthly tier you want to commit to and lets get to work! 

3 New Weekly Classes 

Enjoy 3 new weekly step classes throughout the month to keep you active. Perfect for someone looking to add more cardio to their routine without losing muscle definition.

More Than 3 Classes

If you are ready to get right to work, please honey don't let me slow you down! Lets Tap In! Enjoy all 4 regular weekly classes throughout the month. Meal prep videos and nutrition coach videos will be included also

Everything We Have

Perfect for the individual who would do anything to make it to class but just can't. Enjoy ALL the classes hosted throughout the month, meal prep videos, nutrition coaching, and exclusive Patreon Only Step Class content. 

*4 Extra Exclusive

Classes Monthly

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