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I’m a first time stepper. After class, I felt like a pro. Zipporah brought great energy to class. She was very patient in making sure we all got the moves down. The best part is we had fun throughout the entire learning process. 10/10 would recommend. 😉

Yinka O. 29 yrs old

Trainers are always supportive, but Zipporah goes to infinity and beyond! She brings great energy to her classes and will help you push beyond your limits and expectations! If I could give 20 stars , I would ! Highly recommend!

Kiara B. 30 yrs old

Babyyyyy when I tell youuuuuu, the Extreme Step Class I attended lead by Zipporahfit was simply AMAZIMG!!! I’ve been searching for a Step Instructor that I could follow with great energy and music and Zipporahfit just that plus more!!! I’m so excited to have Step back in my life!!

Nadirah B. 41 yrs old

I have been working with Zipporah for a month and I am  already seeing results. Not only has she helped me with my eating habits but she has made working out fun with her extreme hip hop classes. I look forward to my new healthy lifestyle with her as my coach!!!

Tania M. 30yrs old

Zipporah has a warm and welcoming presence with great energy. She explains the steps in a way that makes them not just easy to learn, but easy to recall. Her class is fun, the playlist was a vibe and I appreciated the encouragement given throughout. I’ve seen Xtreme Hip Hop videos before and always wondered how it was done and how I could learn. Zipporah provided a wonderful introduction, I was able to work at my own pace and also keep up. I definitely will be back!

Adrienne S. 38 yrs old

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